Balochistan govt fails to deliver: Magsi

QUETTA Expressing his concern over deteriorating law and order situation in the province, Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi declared on Wednesday that unless the feudal lords and incompetent people, including himself sitting in the assemblies, were not sent to the gallows, no change in the system or improvement of situation was possible. Magsi, known for being straightforward, was talking to the representatives of protesting lawyers over failure of police and other security agencies to recover their fellow Mohammad Iftikhar Advocate, who was kidnapped last month on gunpoint when he was on his way from home to drop his children at school. The lawyers, who have been protesting since his abduction, staged a demonstration in front of Governors House and later met Magsi at his office on his invitation. Former president Supreme Court Bar Association Ali Ahmed Kurd, President Balochistan Bar Association Baz Mohammad Kakar and Hadi Shakeel Advocate included in the delegation. The governor urged the need of non-discrimination between the poor and affluent ones, saying everyone was equal before law. Ensuring the safety and protection to the lives and property of citizens is the prime responsibility of the government, he added. Magi said the government should fulfil its duty to restore peace in the province. It is evident from the growing incidents of targeted killings, abduction for ransom, theft, robbery and terrorism that the police and local administration have failed in discharging their duties, and the police despite knowing everything are sitting like lame ducks, unable to take any action against the criminals, he said. The policemen are so helpless that they are unable to take revenge for the killing of their fellows who lost their lives in the incidents of targeted killings, he remarked. Nawab Magsi said police knew each and every thing about the identities and activities of drug peddlers, criminals and terrorists but were unable to take action against any of them. Quoting Inspector General of Police Balochistan, the governor said he (IG) complained that whenever police arrested any criminal, he received calls from high ups for his release. In a tribal society, if someone kills my brother, I will take revenge by murdering his brother, but regrettably so many cops have been killed but police did nothing, which is a matter of concern for everyone. The governor held the present system responsible as the root cause for all evils, saying, The whole structure has become defective and the people, like us, are responsible for that. He said unless the responsible persons were not hanged and the educated people did not come forward to play their role for a change, the status quo would continue to prevail. People like us not only patronise the criminals to strengthen their hold, but also use them for their ulterior designs, he said. Criticising the provincial government, the Balochistan governor said all the ministers and assembly members were incompetent, who thought themselves absolved of their responsibilities by acquiring public funds. Magsi remarked he was ashamed of the fact that his wife and brother were sitting in the same assembly, which was unable to do anything for the welfare of people. Magsi said the people had sent their representatives to the assemblies for the finding solutions of various problems and if the elected representatives were unable to realise their prime duty, there was no justification for them to remain in power. He pointed to the fact that mere deployment of Frontier Corps in the province was not enough to maintain the law and order, and there was an urgent need of strict action against the elements or groups involved in targeted killings, theft, terrorism, kidnapping for ransom and land grabbing. While saying that everybody knew those involved in Iftikhars abduction, he offered his service for being a part of Balochi Merh (a tribal reconciliatory delegation), if constituted, to ensure his release and for contributing in ransom money to meet the demand of abductors. About Balochistan Package, Zulfiqar Magsi said some Baloch nationalist parties showed flexibility in their stand by accepting the package and their representatives had even become signatories of the package, which was a good sign. But, he pointed out that those nationalist groups who rejected the package and still stuck to their demand for complete independence could not be allowed to play with the lives of innocent citizens. These groups were also involved in targeting the armless, he added. He said there were two options for the government: either to go for negotiation with separatists or embark on a crackdown against them. To a question, he said he had raised the issues of Balochistan on every forum and discussed them with President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in detail. When asked about his resignation, the Governor Balochistan said he tendered his resignation a year and a half back and had been requesting for its acceptance because of his inability to deliver any good as governor, but they (Islamabad) were not relieving him.

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