FM warns India planning another aggression

Says Pulwama-like attack designed to justify mily action between April 16-20 | Islamabad shared ‘authentic info’ with B5 diplomats I am saying it with responsibility and I have a responsible position, I know each word I say would make headlines in the int’l press,” says Qureshi

Multan   -   Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has warned that India is planning to launch a fresh military aggression against the country, calling for the world community’s intervention to dissuade New Delhi from endangering regional peace and stability.

“We have reliable intelligence that India is planning and  preparing to carry out another military aggression against Pakistan. This action could possibly take place between the 16th to the 20th of April.” Qureshi said.

Addressing a news conference at Multan Circuit House on Sunday, Qureshi said Pakistan has formally shared the “authentic information” and conveyed its “apprehensions” to diplomats in Islamabad representing the five permanent member countries of the United Nations Security Council.

“We want the international community to take notice of this irresponsible behaviour and warn India against treading this path,” Qureshi stressed. “I am saying it with responsibility and I have a responsible position, I know each word I say would make headlines in the international press,” said Qureshi

The FM warned that if India committed any aggression they would give (them) a befitting answer in light of nation’s aspirations and international laws. He said the news of another military action could be heard from India and so far no contradiction of it was received which was an issue of serious concern. “We want the world to take notice of irresponsible behaviour of India and warn it to refrain from taking this path,” he asserted. He pointed out that many countries kept silent on Indian aggression due to geo-politics and if the international community remained silent again it could ruin the peace in South Asia.

He said at a time when Pakistan was going to release 360 Indian prisoners voluntarily they were going to commit another aggression against it. He said they exposed ugly Indian face before the world and today the world had acknowledged Pakistan’s responsible conduct.

He said Pakistan believed in peace yesterday and it did so even today. “We’ve issues like Kashmir, water, Siachen, Sir Creek, corridors and trade with India. These issues can be resolved through talks. I hope that India will understand the importance of dialogue,” he noted. He said if India was ready to sit for talks even after their elections, they would sit with them. He said he had decided to explain the facts before the world after consultation with the Prime Minister.

He said India further increased oppression in occupied Kashmir after Pulwama incident and the voice of Kashmiris was being suppressed with utmost brutality. He declared Pakistan would continue to extend full diplomatic, legal and moral support to the Kashmiris in future like the past.

Citing a report from Indian media, the FM said when the heads of Indian armed forces said during a meeting of cabinet committee on security that they waited for a political permission from the Indian government for action against Pakistan, Indian Premier Modi replied that he had already given them free hand for action against Pakistan.

“They also say that this action will not remain limited to Kashmir and this time they will target Pakistan’s military installations outside Kashmir,” he further explained. He lamented that the world kept silent on February 26 when India violated Pakistan’s sovereignty and crossed the Line of Control for the first time after 1971. “We know the reason behind this silence. We know it is because of geographical politics. But now the world will have to play its role instead of acting like silent onlookers,” he asserted.

The FM said he had already pointed out that India was fanning war

hysteria in the region and Modi government had put the peace of entire region at stake to achieve its political goals and gain more popularity for the elections. He said India made three claims regarding Pakistan and all the three turned out to be lies. He maintained India claimed that they targeted a terrorist camp in surgical strikes but the world saw that there was no camp and instead there existed just four ditches. He added India claimed they killed 300 terrorists but they could not show even a single dead body or any injured which unveiled the reality of their fake claim. “They also claimed that they shot down Pakistani F-16 but now the US and entire world have confirmed that they did not down any of our planes. Our all planes are intact,” he added.

Qureshi warned the new Indian planning to attack Pakistan was very dangerous and Pakistan brought it before the world and its masses as it could jeopardise the regional peace.

He said a serious surge in Indian aggression on Line of Control was recorded after the Pulwama incident as Indian forces were firing towards Pakistan continuously and they targeted unarmed innocent civilians.

He said Pakistan shot down their two jets in retaliation to their aggression and they hit their own chopper and killed six army men. He said there was no pressure on Pakistan but we still released their captured pilot to send out the message of peace and de-escalate the situation.

He said despite Indian aggression Pakistani delegation went to Attari and held talks on Kartarpur corridor. “It was decided that the next session will take place at Wagah on April 2 but India refused to attend the meeting on the pretext of information,” he maintained.

Answering a question, he said if India committed any aggression, they reserved the right to defend. He said entire nation stood united against the possible Indian aggression. “The lamentation and statements of opposition continue but we should be on the same page on issues like national security and defence,” he added. He said peaceful protest was right of opposition and the government never refused to talk to opposition.

He claimed some powers conspired to harm Pak-Iran relations but

they would thwart these attempts. He disclosed he held a one-on-one

meeting with Iranian FM in Istanbul during OIC meeting and Prime Minister Imran Khan was also going to visit Iran soon. He said PM Khan would meet with Supreme Leader of Iran besides other leadership during this visit and it would give a boost to the bilateral relations. “A joint strategy will be evolved to de-escalate the tensions among Muslim countries,” he added.


Indian envoy summoned

 Staff Reporter adds: The Foreign Office on Sunday summoned the Indian Deputy High Commissioner to warn his country against any misadventure targeting Pakistan.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal, in a tweet, said the Indian DHC was also handed over a demarche in line with the Foreign Minister’s briefing in Multan.



 Sputnik adds: India has rejected claims that it has been planning a new attack as irresponsible and preposterous. “India rejects the irresponsible and preposterous statement by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan with a clear objective of whipping up war hysteria in the region. This public gimmick appears to be a call to Pakistan-based terrorists to undertake a terror attack in India,” the spokesperson of Indian Ministry of External Affairs said.


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