Today one of the biggest issues for women throughout the world is a lack of awareness about breast cancer. Women in Pakistan lack appropriate awareness about the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer due to the range of multi-faced barriers. The individual barriers include lack of acceptance, lack of awareness hesitance in accepting social support.

The unidentified factors include feminine sensitivity and stigmatization. Most women do not accept their disease. They feel shame while talking about their issues. The fear of being diagnosed with breast cancer makes many people avoid consulting a doctor. The majority of women are diagnosed with this disease every day. The mortality rates in Pakistan are said to be the highest in Asia.

According to WHO, breast cancer caused 685,000 deaths in the previous 2 years. The government should arrange seminars for awareness about breast cancer and should make more hospitals for treatment. Social workers should be appointed and sent to the urban areas where people are not aware of the risks and complications of this disease. Proper facilities should be provided. The proper female medical staff should be arranged.

Social campaigns must be arranged for awareness about breast cancer. It’s a leading cause of death in women aged 30 to 40. One of the best ways to help someone is to listen to them. Stop telling them about the person you know who had breast cancer. Our government really needs to work on this issue. Everyone should feel confident to talk about their problems and issues in public.