The opposition parties have joined hands apparently for their ulterior motives and moved a No-Trust Motion to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan and to pave the way for the holding of fresh elections and the possible election of a new chief executive of the country from their own ranks. This move culminates after more than three and half years of abusive and foul language by the opposition. It may be an attempt to escape from corruption charges and inquiries by NAB, FIA and other agencies.

Most of the leaders of the opposition parties are facing ongoing trials in the superior courts and accountability courts besides inquiries by different agencies. Day in and day out, they term this process as sheer victimization and claim to be innocent. It would have been quite appreciable if the opposition parties’ leaders had waited a bit more and gotten themselves cleared of the cases pending in the superior courts and accountability court. Any move against PM Imran Khan would have carried more weight then instead of now.

The opposition parties’ leaders are getting absolutely free coverage in print and electronic media almost round the clock. They have so far failed to spell out what they would be doing for the welfare and well-being of the people upon coming into power which PM Imran Khan has failed to deliver.