Combatting Terrorism

Following the recent terrorist attacks that have taken the nation in its grip, efforts to combat terrorism are in full swing. Two in­telligence-based operations in the KP were successful in wiping out 10 terrorists. However, as the threat spreads nationwide, the need to take stringent measures is needed now more so than ever before.

After the Bisham suicide attack ended in the death of six people, five of whom were Chinese nationals, PM Shehbaz Sharif ordered dis­ciplinary action to be taken against the five officials who were found negligent in their duties on the day of the incident. Information Min­ister, Attaullah Tarar, mentioned that the PM has decided to person­ally oversee security matters concerning Chinese projects. This un­derscores the gravity of the situation and highlights the commitment of the PM to serve the nation in the face of these adversities.

Moreover, an IBO was carried out in Balochistan’s Panjgur district, resulting in the elimination of two terrorists named Asad and Hasrat. They were involved in terrorist activities against security forces and ci­vilians. As these terrorist attacks continue to increase, the need for a comprehensive response from law enforcement agencies becomes vital to address the situation. What then becomes important is ensuring that the resources are available to the police force to combat these terrorists. Better arms and armor such as modern weaponry, protective gear, and training are needed to ensure that our law enforcement agencies are ef­fectively equipped to combat the evolving threat landscape.

While reacting to individual incidents is necessary, it is equally im­portant for law enforcement agencies to proactively seek out and neu­tralize terrorist networks and cells operating within the country. A cen­tralised, coordinated approach is, therefore, vital for success. Isolated operations are very unlikely to solve the issue. There needs to be great­er collaboration between law enforcement and intelligence agencies for information sharing and coordinating operations. This would ensure that any gaps that could be exploited by the terrorists are effectively filled and a united front against terrorism is taken at the national level.

The safety and security of the nation is one of the main agendas of the government and considering these recent terrorist events plaguing our country, it is important that the government launches a foolproof plan to eradicate terrorism from its roots.

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