Protecting minorities

THE gory incident in Gojra is yet another grim reminder of the state of minorities in the country. The Prime Minister, who visited the area along with the Punjab's Chief Minister, placated the Christian citizens of Gojra by promising to review blasphemy laws in addition to pledging Rs. 100 million in compensation to the families whose homes were burnt down by the marauding mob. Few rational individuals would find fault with amending the blasphemy laws which are heavily tilted against the minorities of the country and allow Muslims to get away scot-free when they hurt the feelings of other religious communities in a far worse manner. But the fact of the matter is that Gojra's incident would have taken place no matter what the law was; the letter of the law wasn't allowed to be applied in the first place by the mob. In which case, it means the fault lies with the capacity of the police department to deal with such situations and their competence. Law and order is a provincial subject. The Chief Minister, who also holds the Home portfolio, needs to get his act together.

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