Diseases’ outbreak feared due to poor sanitation

RAJANPUR - A meeting of CRG members of NGOs FAFAN and PEMAN was held with its District Coordinator Miss Shehnaz Akbar in the chair.
On the occasion, she presented a report on the health and education situation in the district.
According to her, 8,816 patents from diarrhea, 89 hepatitis, 49 malaria,448 tuberculosis (TB), 10,647 skin diseases, 6 from measles, 30 from snake-biting, and 209 were affected from dog biting in the month of June.
The participants showed their concerned about the poor hygiene conditions, unavailability of pure drinking water, exiguity of medicines and vaccines, which had been creating problems including health hazards.
They said that the authorities concerned had turned a blind eye towards the sanitary situation in the district. “The TMA sanitary staff has failed to ensure cleanliness and maintain hygienic conditions in the area which has given rise to fears of diseases outbreak,” they explained.
Expressing resentment, the NGOs’ members complained that the surrounding localities lacked proper sanitation system while heaps of garbage were lying everywhere and no sanitary staff was deputed to remove them.
They appealed the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take interest to rectify the shortcomings as soon as possible.
Afterwards the members discussed other problem of constituencies 174 and 175 as well.

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