Cattle market ruins businesses, uplift projects

KARACHI - Country’s largest cattle market, set up in KDA Scheme 33, has made the lives of locals miserable, ruined the real estate business besides disrupting the upcoming residential projects, The Nation learnt here on Monday.

According to details, residents of number of societies and localities surrounding the market have been forced to remain indoors as the market’s administration has erected barricades in its vicinity.

It is worth mentioning here that the land acquired to set up the cattle market had been vacant and considered far away from the city, but in the last couple of years various private societies have developed.

Local residents, while talking to The Nation, said that thousands of families living in the outskirts of the cattle market had to seek permission from the market administration to reach their homes.

When this scribe conducted a survey, it dawned upon him that some of the societies like Teacher’s Society, Memon Halari Society, Punjabi Sodagran, Karachi Bar Society, Zinatabad, Hashimabad and others were completely surrounded by the market and the residents had to get entry passes to go to their homes.

The market has not spared even the residents of completely developed Gulshan-e-Maymar and the whole society has become its part.

Some of the builders, who have invested heavily in their housing projects, are also coping up with the loss of millions of rupees as not a single client can reach their offices. Besides that the workforce also fails to reach the project sites.

A builder, wished to be anonymous, while talking to The Nation revealed that his company had invested Rs20 million in marketing in the current month but all investments were wasted as roads leading to the project are blocked by the market administration and all sorts of posters and banners hoisted on the roads had been removed.

A real estate agent, Ayaz, said that the sale and purchase business had come to a halt as it would be difficult to take a client to the site.

He said that the cattle administration sales a pass for car on rupees 5000, and motorbike pass on rupees 3000 for visitors and property dealers unable to buy the passes to run their business.

He said that the cattle market in the locality had not only hurt the business of the property dealers but had also adversely affected development in the city.

He pointed out that the behavior of the security personnel employ by the administration dealing with the people using abusive language with the people seeking entry to reached destination.  He said that such sort of markets also bring various diseases along the animals therefore such sort of markets usually establish out of the city.



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