This summer, the Argentine football legend was let go by Barcelona, after more than two decades at Camp Nou. The player is now engaged in talks with PSG about a possible move to the French club.

Lionel Messi possibly coming to Ligue 1 is lifting the spirits of French football fans and managers alike - and some of them appear to be more than just excited. Brest chief Michel De Zakarian expressed hope of seeing Messi in PSG in the most emotional way.

"We say that we have a s*** league, but if we manage to bring in a player like that it would be exceptional", Zakarian told RMC Sport. "I'm not going to be polite here, but he gives me a hard-on".

Earlier this week, Messi was sure that he would continue his career with the Catalan club: after his previous contract expired, the player reportedly agreed to take a 50-percent pay reduction to comply with Spanish financial fair play rules. However, the club announced on Thursday it would not be able to sign the deal due to "financial and structural obstacles".

While some reports suggested that Messi may also join Manchester City, the club's manager Pep Guardiola noted it is not on their agenda at the moment.