OTTAWA - Canada announced Saturday it will open an investigation into police conduct after Senegal lodged a formal complaint that one of its diplomats in Ottawa was handcuffed and “savagely beaten” in a recent incident. Senegal’s foreign ministry in Dakar summoned the Canadian embassy’s charge d’affaires this week, accusing Canadian police of having “raided” the diplomat’s home and exercised “humiliating physical and moral violence, in front of witnesses.” It said it had summoned the Canadian representative to “vigorously denounce and strongly condemn the racist and barbaric act.” The identity of the diplomat has not been disclosed. Late Saturday, the government of Quebec, the province where the incident occurred, announced the police watchdog Bureau of Independent Investigations (BEI) was opening a probe following a federal report that the “First Counselor of the Embassy of Senegal in Canada” was the subject of “a police intervention that raises questions.”