Meghan accused of having ‘no apparent talent’

LONDON - Meghan Markle has been blasted as being ‘calculated’ and ‘driven by fame and wealth’ despite having “no talent.” This allegation has been put forward by Lady Colin Campbell, in her interview with GB News Sunday. There, she offered comparisons between the Duchess of Sussex and Rebekah Vardy. She was quoted saying, “We seem to have a whole slew of really rather tiresome, very opinionated women, who seem to have made their way in life through talents which are not immediately apparent, and they think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. And they know everything.” She also accused the royal of possessing narcissistic tendencies and claimed, “She’s very calculating and I think that if he had not been a Prince Henry of Wales, she wouldn’t have given him two minutes, much less the length of time she intends to give him.”
“Yes, of course, she was very committed to being self serving, but only self serve. Public service? Not a chance. This is a woman who, in my opinion, everything is calculated and it all comes down to status, and bucks and attention.”
“Notice how dexterously she moved him from the royal family to California…she has clearly decided that she wasn’t going to give her time or her energy to the British people or was serving humanity when she could serve her financial interests in a community property state, where in the event of a divorce she gets a whopping 50 per cent.”


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