Past in Perspective

Despite the hysteria from the political class
and the media, smoking doesn’t kill.
–Mike Pence

The history of tobacco goes back to 6000 BC America. The plant was native to the region and was discovered by Columbus in 1492. The Native American tribes brought him fruit, food, spears, and dried leaves of tobacco that they had been smoking for over 2 millennia for medicinal and religious purposes. He ordered them to be thrown off of the boat having discovered they were not edible and it was only when he saw the locals interact with the plant that he understood its importance. People would barter with them. However, it was after the Revolutionary War that tobacco products really became popular, especially with the establishment of Philip Morris in 1847. The company was the first to start selling hand-rolled Turkish cigarettes until 1881 when James Bonsack invented the cigarette-making machine through which they became standardised and mass-produced.

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