The Father of Nation MAJ, wanted this country to be a democratic welfare state, with a constitution as supreme law and all institutions working within the confines of the constitution. Unfortunately, since 1953, Jinnah’s vision has been trampled upon and today we are at the brink of a crippling economic quagmire. Those involved in power politics are playing upon political polarization, exploiting religion, ethnicity etc., making the process of economic recovery uphill.

Now that Punjab by-elections have been held, and people vented out their anger against the rising inflation, it is time that sanity must prevail within the political elite, the paid establishment and our economic managers. Had PTI not been voted out through a constitutional no-confidence vote, they would have faced the brunt of the anger from the electorate.

In fact, the No-Confidence vote has helped PTI’s resurgence and shifted blame upon those who had to take tough decisions required from Pakistan to meet the IMF conditionalities, given the enormity of the widening gap between state revenues and expenditure, a legacy of abuse of power, pilferage and needless waste.