KARACHI - Former federal minister and Sindh president of the opposition Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Ali Zaidi on Saturday accused “influential individuals” of hatching a plan in connivance with the Sindh government to encroach land over Korangi causeway.

Speaking at a press conference here, he said the Korangi causeway was badly damaged in the recent rains but instead of its repair and rehabilitation, the Sindh government had marked it as a dumping point of all garbage being collected from different parts of the city.

“Area people have told us that this garbage is being used for land filling and then in the second step it’s highly suspected that this site would be encroached upon for commercial purpose,” he said.

“Korangi causeway was never used as a dumping point but you would see heaps of garbage. This is not just incompetence of the PPP government but also their insensitive approach as it never owns Karachi and feels the pain for the people of this city,” he said.

He warned that the people of Karachi would not see any improvement in the civic infrastructure during the upcoming spell of monsoon rains and the city was feared to undergo another phase of flooding and damage to life and property.

“After back-to-back spells of heavy rains in Karachi and other Sindh cities, the provincial government has badly failed in keeping its words about resolving the rain-related problems. After the passage of several days, the sewerage system damage by the downpour has not been fixed in majority of the Karachi areas,” said Mr Zaidi.