Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to accentuate a very sensitive issue i.e. growing inflation in Pakistan.

Pakistan isn’t a utopian country. It is infected with economic viruses like poverty and unemployment. 21.9% of our country’s population resides below the National poverty line – comprising the population roughly equivalent to that of Florida and California combined. What adds music to the situation is our inept economic policies. By the end of May 2022, the rate of inflation raised to 13.8%.

The surge in inflation has squared up the impacts of poverty. On having a glance over the downtrodden people of our country, we will come to know that they are unable to satiate their hunger. Amid this, How will they educate their children? How will they afford the health care expenses? How will they own a sound health standard – comprising all necessities? This is a vicious cycle. The problems of the poor seem to be inevitable. Inflation is a stumbling block on the way to empowering the pauper. I requote the words of James Cook. He said, “ Inflation makes the wealthier people richer and the masses poor.”

As the alarm bell rings across Pakistan, the perils of the hour require the government to revise its policies. Instead of breaking the backs of common people, undivided heed should be paid to the untapped reservoirs of the economy to meet the terms and conditions of IMF.