A nation may never forget the dedication and commitment of a true patriot, but his service to his country will always be alive in people’s hearts. The unfortunate tragedy of a helicopter crash that took place recently has really left extreme agony for the nation.

The helicopter that took off from Uthal at 5:10 pm on Monday and was supposed to land in Karachi at 6:05 pm, but woefully, it lost control of the air traffic controller, owing to the bad weather and poor visibility during the rescue operation in Balochistan.

Embracing martyrdom while serving the nation is the sole thing for those luckiest individuals and these Jawans of Pakistan are amongst those luckiest people. Instead of mourning, we Pakistanis must feel proud of these brave jawans and pay tribute for their bravery while rescuing those affected people who were badly stuck in this stormy weather in Balochistan.

Additionally, the wreckage of the helicopter was later found in Musa Goth Winder Lasbela. According to the details, Major Saeed Ahmed was the pilot, while Major Muhammad Talha Monan was the copilot of the helicopter, and four other army officers of Pakistan were also on board, when the helicopter crashed. Among the other Jawans, Lieutenant General Sarfaraz Ali also embraced martyrdom. In the incident, Shehbaz Sharif said, “the nation is deeply subdued for the martyrdom of Lieutenant Sarfraz Ali and other Jawans.” Indeed, martyrdom will forever be a symbol of pride as they went to save and protect millions and unfortunately ended up losing their lives.