Even as people groan under high inflation, the prices of various lentils at Utility Stores have been increased by to Rs48 per kg.

The notification for the price hike has been issued for immediate implementation.

According to the notification, the price of black gram has been hiked up by Rs48 per kg – from Rs172 to Rs220 per kg.

Similarly, the price of masoor lentil has been increased by Rs40 per kg.

It was available for Rs270 per kg. However, its new rate is Rs310 per kg.

The rate of red beans (lobia) has increased by Rs35 per kg – from Rs235 to Rs270 per kg.

The price of whole masoor lentil has been increased by Rs35 per kg – Rs200 from its earlier rate of Rs170 per kg.

The price of moong lentil has been increased by Rs30 per kg – from Rs190 to Rs220 per kg.

The rate of split chickpea lentils has been jacked up by Rs30 per kg. It was earlier sold for Rs190 per kg.

It is now available for Rs220 per kg.

Last month, a new wheat flour crisis at Karachi’s Utility Stores had made the grain inaccessible to thousands of people. They were queuing up outside the government-backed stores for hours in stifling heat without any luck.

A spokesperson for the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) had said the management had identified the issue. He had added that the USC was currently working on increasing the number of Utility Stores in the port city.

With rising inflation and unemployment, the only option to get subsidised grocery is through Utility Stores, where low income, middle class, and now people belonging to the upper middle class could buy subsidised items, especially wheat flour, sugar, lentils, and vegetable ghee.

In June, the prices of various brands of spices, toothpaste, dishwashing liquid, matches, and other items had been increased at Utility Stores across the country.

The price of one kilo mixed pickle had been increased by Rs55 to Rs333 from Rs278 per kg. The price of matches had also been increased by Rs10, taking the rate of one pack up from Rs40 to Rs50. The price of a glass window cleaner had gone up from Rs200 to Rs243, registering an increase of Rs43.

Similarly, the price of a dishwashing sponge had been increased by Rs66, luxury-size tissue paper packs by Rs25, and toilet paper rolls by Rs5.

The price of branded toothbrush had been increased from Rs117 to Rs137, and branded toothpaste from Rs97 to Rs117.