The imprints of immeasurable losses both physical and psychological are still fresh in our memories due to floods in many parts of the country. Floods give birth to different but known diseases that require timely vaccination. The deaths of 449 children in 2012 due to measles in parts of Sindh affected by the 2011 floods are still fresh in our minds.

We must learn good lessons from our recent past shortcomings i.e. neglecting to vaccinate the flood-hit population. Justice (r) Mohammad Raza Khan in his 80-page report blamed a rigid procedure of procurement as the sole reason for the deaths of innocent soles. Certainly, we can prevent a preventable medical conditions through timely vaccination of the flood-hit population.

After losing 449 precious lives, this is the right time to revise the tough rules and regulations for the procurement of vaccines and not promulgate any such laws that will create more bureaucratic red tape for the poor. Vaccination of the flood-hit population is one of the crucial and timely measures to be taken without any delay to prevent ---preventable losses.