Bilawal urges political dialogue for democratic stability

Says we feel proud for keeping democratic values in parliament n Opposition crossed country's redlines for first time by attacking military installations n After Senate, NA adopts Official Secrets (Amendment) Bill 2023.

ISLAMABAD   -   Since the National Assembly is likely to dissolve tomorrow [August 9], Minister for For­eign Affairs and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yester­day in the National Assembly sitting came up with a sugges­tion for political parties to sit together to engage in a polit­ical dialogue. Bilawal was of the view that either political factions go for a new charter of democracy or sit together under the previous one to en­gage in a dialogue. He also appealed to make deci­sions that would make pol­itics easier for him and PML-N senior Vice Presi­dent Maryam Nawaz in fu­ture. He said in a clear way that since his childhood he has been witnessing politi­cians going to jail or mak­ing government. About the fashion of sit-ins by the op­position after elections, he commented if the gener­al elections are held [to­day or tomorrow] whichev­er government comes the politics of rigging and sit-ins will continue. He said they should come out of this mindset and play our respective role in strength­ening politics and democ­racy in the country. About the coalition government’s tenure, he shared the situ­ation that the government faced in its one and half year government. “Some­times Islamabad was burn­ing...and sometimes Zaman Park was a battleground and incidents like May 9 also happened,” he re­marked. The Minister was of the view that the ruling parties should act like pol­iticians when come into power and obviously op­position needs to fix its at­titude. He said this there was a need to work on it to make politics and democ­racy stronger. “This kind of politics, they [youth] no longer trust us or any­one else,” he remarked and made a comment that hopes of the people should remain alive. “I feel that in the last five years, we have learnt a lot and we will meet in elections,” he said adding that he was proud that they [current govern­ment] did not resort to the politics of abuse and kept their point of view in a re­spectable manner.

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