Islamabad Police issue 39,690 fines for traffic violations  

ISLAMABAD - The Traffic Division of Islamabad Capital Police has significantly intensified its efforts to curb traffic rule violations, leading to the issuance of 23,180 fines for failure to fasten seat belts and 16,510 fines for using mobile phones while driving throughout the current year, as revealed by a police public relations officer on Monday.

The spokesperson stated that this heightened enforcement is a direct result of the specific directives from the Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO). Under these directives, a dedicated campaign has been launched to rigorously monitor and address violations. Various squads, under the leadership of Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Islamabad, Dr Syed Mustafa Tanveer, have been deployed to the city’s main thoroughfares and boulevards. These squads are diligently taking stringent actions against violators to ensure road safety.

The spokesperson also highlighted the ongoing efforts to establish a disciplined traffic system within the city. They appealed to the city’s residents to adhere to traffic regulations, recognizing that a disciplined traffic system greatly contributes to overall safety and orderliness.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that personnel of the Islamabad Capital Police are under explicit instructions to uphold traffic rules and regulations impartially, regardless of the individual’s social status or rank. Issuing traffic violation fines is conducted with a demeanour of patience and politeness.

Simultaneously, the Islamabad Capital Police continue to enforce strict legal measures against all forms of traffic rule violations.

\ The issuance of traffic violation fines is not punitive but rather a crucial strategy to cultivate a secure road environment within the capital, ultimately safeguarding the lives of its citizens.

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