Neglect and Cruelty: Remains of dead animals found at RY Khan zoo raise concerns

DC orders inquiry into the incident, seeks report

RAHIM YAR KHAN  -  Remains of dead animals were found at Zoo of Rahim Yar Khan.

A visitor, during his visit to the zoo, made video of re­mains of dead animals which had to be buried immediately after their death. Later the video was shared on social media in which a dead mon­key, a chinkara with remains of some birds were seen. In another room an animal was alive but fainted.

According to the visitor there were no proper food in the cages of animals and birds. Neither water in the pots nor food in the trays. Peacock was kept in the cage of pigeons where they were fighting and an eye of peacock was damaged. 

Meanwhile, Rahim Yar Khan Deputy Commissioner Sha­keel Ahmed Bhatti, taking action on the viral video, has ordered Assistant Commis­sioner Waqas Zafar to imme­diately visit the zoo. The DC said that the cruel behavior with the wildlife was regretful and the presence of remains of animals and birds was not distressing. He said that the failure in the safety of wildlife and bad behavior will com­pletely be investigated. He fur­ther added that the condition of wildlife park was the worst failure of administration. The assistant commissioner will complete the inquiry and present a report at its earli­est, and the officials involved in negligence will face strict legal action, he said.

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