Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power. That is what Sir Francis Bacon said. Knowledge allows a person to do whatever he feels is right and just. In the current global scenario, knowledge or information is a valuable asset. The recent leak by the whistle blowing website WikiLeaks is a case in point. I have one thing to say to Julian Assange, director of WikiLeaks. Thank you. Their mission is to bring important and crucial information to the people. The recent leak of the United States Cables by the website is an event that will change how the world will work especially the diplomats. I thank him and his organization as they have released corret information that the governments dont want their citizens to read or hear. This is information that sheds light on the behind the scenes activities done by governments and the true feelings of leaders and their nations towards other nations. In a democracy, it is necessary for the people to have all information. Knowledge is the right of every person and this organization has answered the call. I would like to commend Assange and his organization for all their work and hope that they will continue their efforts to provide more information and make the world a more transparent place where the people know what their governments are doing. SHABBIR ALI RASHID, Karachi, December 7.

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