KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) vice president and the leader of parliamentary party in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that they say that the opposition would tender resignations, adding if so they should hurry up as we have placed our orders for Sherwanis.

Addressing a press conference at Sindh assembly on Monday, he said the opposition should hold their Lahore rally, but the people of Punjab would make them accountable for corruption of Nawaz Sharif. They would ask how Ramzan Sugar Mills, Chaudhry Sugar Mills, Al-Azizia and Flagship, and London flats of Park Lane were purchased from the corruption money. He said people would ask why Nawaz Sharif did corruption of $418 million and purchased assets abroad. He said this corruption included commission of $160 million from Lahore-Islamabad motorway project. 

Haleem Adil said the corruption of Nawaz Sharif included $140 million extorted from banks in name of loans, $60 million for subsidy on sugar import. He said Nawaz Sharif looted Rs11 billion and purchased Raiwind estate. He said there was corruption in Hadibiya paper mills. 

He said Nawaz Sharif looted Rs620 million from the national exchequer in the name of development of Raiwind estate. He purchased property in Murree from corruption in purchase of BMW vehicles. He said Rs450 million were looted in the name of Kohinoor Energy. He said laws were made to whiten the black money. 

The PTI leader said people would ask how Rs35 billion bank loans were made offset. He said there was corruption in motorway project, Metro bus project, Nandipur power plant, Hamza Shehbaz Saf Pani scandal, Ashiyana Iqbal housing society scheme scandal, and there was corruption of $160 million in Narowal Sports City scandal in which Ahsan Iqbal was involved. 

Haleem Adil said people were now fed up with this gang of thieves. He said the face of PDM had already been exposed. He said Senate was not personal property of Mandiwalla and we would not allow disrespect of the Senate. He said a police state was made in Sindh. He said a poor party worker of Kunri Barmal was tortured by police as political vendetta. 

The PTI VP said in Sanghar innocent children died due to poison meant for killing dogs. He said there were no ambulances in government hospitals of Sindh. He said extrajudicial activities of Sindh police were increasing. He said an innocent girl Fowzia Magsi was made a prey of police torture in Kambar. He said coronavirus was increasing but the Sindh government had failed to get implemented SOPs.

He said if the opposition tendered resignations, the players of the Captain were ready and they had already placed orders for new Sherwanis. He said by-polls would be held as per law if the opposition resigned. 

Haleem Adil alleged Maryam Nawaz of misguiding the countrymen. He said there was no difference between Mushtaq Mahar and direct Hawaldar. He said the Sindh police had become slave of rulers. He said they would welcome resignations of PDM and hold by-polls and in Sindh the PTI would form the government. He said the sister of Imran Khan was not in politics. 

The leader of parliamentary party in Sindh assembly thanked the people who inquired about his health. He stressed the people to take care of the SOPs to check the spread of Covid-19.