Afghan immigrants found participating in political activities to face deportation, warns Bugti

Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti on Friday announced that any legal Afghan migrant found involved in political activities in Pakistan will face deportation.

The minister, during a news conference here, asserted that the Afghans living legally or having the refugee status in Pakistan could not participate in political and electoral activities.

According to Bugti, around ten Afghan migrants, who were found involved in political activities, have been identified and are being deported.

Back in November, the Interior Ministry had cautioned both illegal and legal Afghan migrants to avoid supporting or providing funding to any candidate for political and electoral activities in Pakistan. The ministry had warned that the violations would lead to deportation irrespective of their legal status.

Bugti emphasised that it was only the prerogative of Pakistani citizens to take part in the country’s politics.

Asked about security for the upcoming elections, Bugti said that foolproof security arrangements would be put in place for conducting the next general elections in a peaceful manner.

He said that paramilitary forces could also be deployed if a request was made by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

In reply to another question, the minister stated that the repatriation plan was not country-specific, adding that only illegal foreigners, among them Afghans, were being deported.

He said that anyone with valid passport and visa was welcome to Pakistan.

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