Afghanistan again becomes hub of terror outfits

ISLAMABAD  -  Afghanistan has once again become the hub of global terrorism as 23 terrorist organizations are based there and in­volved in planning and executing terror plots in various countries in­cluding Pakistan.

According to security sources, these terror outfits are posing secu­rity threats to particu­larly the United States, China, and Pakistan.

The sources also said that 17 out of 23 terror­ist organizations based in Afghanistan are direct­ly hitting Pakistan with their terror activities.

The terror outfits which plan subversive and terrorist activi­ties in Pakistan include banned TTP, Jamat ul Ahrar, Hizb ul Tahrir and several banned Baloch terrorist organizations.

The sources say that global terror organiza­tion Al-Qaeda which is now based in Afghani­stan poses a direct secu­rity threat to the Europe and United States. East Turkistan Is­lamic Movement ETIM poses a secu­rity threat to China. Another terror­ist organization IMU poses a serious security threat to Uzbekistan.

Another regional terrorist orga­nization Jundullah is also operating from Afghan soil and is involved in terrorist activities against Iran.

The security sources further said that there is no doubt in the fact that the current Afghan government which is also known as the Taliban government is officially financing and supporting terrorist and mili­tant organizations in Afghanistan. In 2022 and 2023, Pakistan had faced a fresh wave of terrorism by TTP which is completely being supported and fi­nanced by the Kabul administration. 

The Pakistan Army had almost eliminated TTP during its one of the biggest and successful counter ter­rorism operations including Zarbe Azb and operation Rad ul Fasad.

However, TTP gained strength and became active after the Afghan Tali­ban took over the government in Ka­bul in August 2021. The Asia Pacific Forum, which is a coalition of 25 hu­man rights institutions from the re­gion, stated in one of its reports that due to effective military operations by the Pakistan Army between 2015 and 2020, the militant attacks by TTP had reduced in Pakistan. Howev­er, the forum said that after 2020 the militant attacks by TTP in Pakistan have increased significantly. 

The Forum also said that TTP car­ried out 49 militant attacks in Paki­stan in 2020, 198 attacks in 2021, and 237 attacks in 2022. 

The forum said that 389 Pakistani citizens were martyred in the mili­tant attacks by TTP in 2022. 

Another significant and worrisome aspect of the recent fresh wave of ter­rorism in Pakistan is the use of left­over sophisticated weapons by the US forces in Afghanistan by TTP. 

The American-made weapons are being supplied to TTP which is using these weapons for carrying out ter­rorist activities in Pakistan. 

The security sources said that it is a fact that Afghan citizens were in­volved in all suicide attacks carried out in Pakistan in 2022 and 2023.

The sources also said that Paki­stan took up the matter of the in­volvement of Afghan citizens in sui­cide bombings in Pakistan with the Taliban administration in Kabul with all evidence, however, no action was taken against the planners and the masterminds of such attacks who were based in Afghanistan.

The United Nations in one of its fact-finding reports has disclosed that the region is facing instability after the Taliban came into power in 2021. The UN in its report further said that the Taliban administration did not ful­fil the conditions of the Doha agree­ment including the action against ter­rorist organizations and ensuring that its soil will not be used for terrorism for other countries. The UN in its re­port concluded that the security sit­uation in the region has become ex­tremely uncertain and complex after taking over the Taliban in Kabul.

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