Bilawal attempting to construct a narrative around 18th Amend: Sana

PML-N Punjab president says his party wants elections on February 8

LAHORE   -  PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaul­lah emphasised that the Muslim League - Nawaz had a clear stance that the elections should take place on Feb­ruary 8, 2024, in accordance with the constitution. Addressing the media at the party office here on Thursday, he explained that the constitutional re­quirement to shift the elections from November to February stemmed from the recently conducted census and the necessity for new delimitations.

Responding to a query, Sanaullah asserted that Bilawal was attempt­ing to construct a political narrative around the 18th Amendment. He ac­cused the PPP of attempting to mis­lead smaller provinces by insinuating that if PML-N came to power, it would diminish provincial powers. He clari­fied that while the 18th Amendment could be further enhanced, it could not be curtailed. Sanaullah advocated for empowering provinces further, believing that strengthening provin­cial units would fortify the federation.

He disclosed that the PML-N’s mani­festo would include a commitment to bolstering federal units while advocat­ing for decentralization of powers from provincial capitals to districts and be­yond. Sanaullah highlighted that there was no impediment to a meeting be­tween the PML-N leadership and Asif Zardari. He affirmed that the PML-N would participate in elections against the PPP and would respect the lead­ers of other parties. Sanaullah stressed that political competition with oppos­ing parties is not a personal feud. He also mentioned that Maulana Fazlur Rehman or his party never demanded that the PML-N assume the presidency or premiership. Regarding the sched­uled elections on February 8, Sanaul­lah expressed confidence, stating that the PML-N is diligently preparing for the elections day and night. He ac­knowledged that while some may file petitions against the elections in the Supreme Court, it cannot hinder their preparations. Sanaullah acknowledged that the PML-N had reservations about new delimitations, and despite their appeals being largely ignored, they re­main ready for the elections. Sanaullah called on the new PTI chairman, Gohar Khan, to lead his party into the elections and urged against protecting individu­als involved in the events of May 9, em­phasizing that the PTI should let them face the legal consequences.

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