BRI deepened coop for strengthening civilizations: Speakers

ISLAMABAD   -   The forum “Benefiting All Mankind: Dialogues with the Silk Road” was held in Beijing, where it was highlighted that over the past 10 years, the Belt and Road Initiative has brought China and its partner countries closer together, and deepened exchanges and mutu­al understanding among different civilizations. 

The event was co-sponsored by the Academy of Contempo­rary China and World Studies under China In­ternational Communica­tions Group (CICG), the Pakistan-China Insti­tute, the European Un­ion Asia Centre, and the Cultural Communication Center of CICG, China Economic Net (CEN) re­ported on Thursday.

Gao Anming, Vice-Pres­ident and Editor-In-Chief of CICG, and Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chair­man of Pakistan’s Senate Defence Committee, and Pakistan-China Institute, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Twelve Chinese and foreign think tank ex­perts including Pakistani expert on internation­al studies Abdur Rah­man, delivered keynote speeches on the theme of “Inheriting the Silk Road Culture, Jointly Promot­ing People’s Well-being”.

Gao pointed out, “Root­ed in history and look­ing to the future, BRI has harnessed the synergy of civilizations to foster the development of a commu­nity with a shared future for mankind,” said Gao.

Mushahid Sayed stat­ed that BRI is the most significant initiative of the 21st century, lifting 400 million people out of poverty globally, primar­ily through flagship pro­jects like the CPEC. 

“As a new platform for international coopera­tion, BRI will achieve a more open development prospect based on the principle of planning to­gether, building together, and benefiting together.”

“Currently, the narra­tives of the East and the West are significantly different. In a multi-po­lar world, we need a di­verse response. China and Pakistan are good friends who are working together to promote the BRI towards a better fu­ture,” Mushahid added.

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