Collective efforts crucial to curb corruption: NAB

RAWALPINDI  -  Deputy Chairman of the National Accountabil­ity Bureau (NAB) Sohail Nasir has stressed the significance of individu­als holding themselves accountable and work­ing together to combat corruption in society.

Speaking at a semi­nar titled “Curbing Corruption Through a Documented Economy,” organised by NAB in partnership with the Legal Aid and Justice Authority (LAJA) during Anti-Corruption Week-2023, Nasir emphasised the importance of ev­eryone committing to performing their duties diligently and honestly. Additionally, he suggest­ed that children should take on an active role in preventing corruption or corrupt practices in their surroundings. He observed that societal behavior often marked by negativity, indiscrim­inate criticism and done merely for the sake of criticism, had the poten­tial to erode and harm the fabric of society.

Addressing the gath­ering, Director General, NAB Rawalpindi Mirza Irfan Baig expressed that corruption was a curse as it disrupts the peace of society. He underscored the sig­nificance of refraining from seeking positions undeservedly and high­lighted the necessity of ensuring self-account­ability. He mentioned that NAB Rawalpindi is currently handling cas­es involving Rs 8 billion, with an overall success­ful recovery of Rs 350 billion. Recently, NAB facilitated the return of Rs 600 million to the affected individuals of Arain City, and its con­viction ratio stands at over 61 percent.

Chairman of the Benazir Income Sup­port Programme, Dr. Amjad Saqib, empha­sized the importance of personal transforma­tion and advocated for demanding behavioral change from oneself be­fore expecting it from others. He mentioned that his organization, Akhuwat, has provided loans to more than six million deserving in­dividuals to help them start their own busi­nesses. To date, over Rs 220 billion has been disbursed, achieving an impressive recovery ra­tio of 99.9 percent. Dr. Raheem Awan, Direc­tor General of the Legal Aid and Justice Author­ity (LAJA), mentioned that NAB and LAJA have jointly resolved to educate the youth about the impacts of corruption. They are preparing to initiate a campaign and training program in educational institutions to combat corruption. He empha­sized the importance of strengthening anti-corruption institutions.

Former Inspector General of Police, Syed Kaleem Imam, empha­sized the importance of ensuring equality among citizens to fos­ter a harmonious and peaceful society. In last, NAB awarded cash prizes and shields to the accomplished stu­dents who excelled in declamation, poster de­sign, painting, skit, and other competitions held among students from schools and colleges in Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Murree, Attock, Jhelum, and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). A total of 304 students participat­ed in the competition.

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