Imran warns against negative effects of ‘poor handling’ of Afghan immigrants

ISLAMABAD  -  Imprisoned Pakistan Teh­reek-e-Insaf (PTI) Founding Chairman Imran Khan empha­sized on Thursday that the treatment of Afghan immigrants contradicts Islamic core values and traditions.

He stressed the importance of dignified treatment for Af­ghans, citing the centuries-long relationship of brotherhood and mutual respect between Paki­stan and Afghanistan. 

In his message from jail, for­mer Prime Minister Khan high­lighted the national obligation to care for refugees seeking asy­lum, urging kindness and re­spect in their treatment. “Af­ghanistan is our brotherly neighbouring Islamic country, and both nations share a centu­ries-old bond of brotherhood,” he said.

Khan reiterated the signifi­cance of trust-based relations with neighbours for Pakistan’s future security. Noting Paki­stan’s decades-long support for Afghan refugees, Khan lament­ed that the positive impact of hospitality was being nullified due to a “poor strategy.”

He pointed out that accom­modating 1.5 million refugees in a population of 250 million was not an overwhelming bur­den, highlighting that the ma­jority belonged to the poorest segments of society. Khan cau­tioned that mishandling the ref­ugee issue could instil negative sentiments in the Afghan nation, impacting bilateral relations. He warned that bitterness caused by a flawed strategy might hin­der durable relations between the two countries.

The PTI Founding Chairman urged an immediate halt to herding Afghan refugees and called for a thoughtful, dignified approach that preserves their self-respect.

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