Political stalwarts join PML-N

Shehbaz stresses the need to alleviate inflation, provide relief to public by strengthening hands of Nawaz

LAHORE   -  The trend of prominent political figures and for­mer assembly members aligning themselves with the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) con­tinues, as a good number of political stalwarts from Jhang and DG Khan districts announced to join the party on Thursday. In a noteworthy development, former Prime Minister and Presi­dent of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Shehbaz Sharif formally announced the inclusion of sev­eral distinguished personalities from the politi­cal arena during a meeting. The new additions to the PML-N include Maulana M Asif Muavia, Babar Khan Sial, Mrs Neelum Sial, Mehr Islam Bhar­wana, Sheikh M Younus, and Khalid Mahmood Sargana, all of whom bring their extensive expe­rience and expertise to the party. Additionally, Chaudhry Khalid Ghani, Aamir Abbas Sial, Fais­al Hayat Jabwana, Sheikh Yaqoob, Mrs. Sheikh Yaqoob, and Rais Muhammad Ibrahim have also joined the ranks of PMLN, further enhancing the party’s diverse and dynamic representation.

Sardar Riaz Khan Mazari, a prominent political figure from the Mazari tribe, and former Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Dost Muhammad Khan Maz­ari have also declared their affiliation with PML-N, signifying a strengthening bond with the party. Extending a warm welcome to the new members, Shehbaz Sharif expressed his heartfelt congratula­tions, declaring that “Muslim League-Nawaz is a home that guarantees the progress and prosper­ity of Pakistan,” emphasizing the inclusive nature of the party. Confident that the new members will play a pivotal role in accelerating Pakistan’s devel­opment journey, Sharif highlighted the importance of collective efforts. Addressing the economic chal­lenges, Sharif stressed the need to alleviate infla­tion and provide relief to the public by strength­ening the hands of Nawaz Sharif. He vowed that collective efforts will firmly establish Pakistan on its economic feet. In the face of current crises, Sharif reiterated that Pakistan will overcome chal­lenges through unity, consensus, and political co­operation. Former assembly members, expressing unwavering trust in the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif, commended their dedication and sincerity towards the prog­ress, prosperity, and relief of the people.

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