KARACHI   -  Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi held a function to launch Hijaz Naqvi’s poetry collection “Zard Rangat” at Hasina Moin Hall. 

Mir Ahmad Naveed, Faisal Siddiqui, Shehla Alvi spoke on the occasion while Agha Shirazi acted as director. Speaking on the occasion, Mir Ahmad Naveed said that consciousness is a Hebrew word, poetry comes from consciousness, and poetry is directly related to consciousness. Man has been suffering from mental anguish for two hundred years, yes, in today’s world there is a need for the poet to connect man with the universe, he said. 

The author of the book, Hijaz Naqvi, said that the purpose of repeating the collection of words twice was to deliver the correct book to the people. Expressing his views, Faisal Siddiqui said that today people have run out of tolerance, we should recognise the creativity of the people, the tendency of Hijaz is mainly towards language and poetry as well as the philosophy which is clear in the poetry. Shehla Alvi said that she got an opportunity to learn a lot from Hijaz Naqvi and his poetry impressed her a lot.