CPEC routes

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is an excellent project for Pakistan. It was a true Pakistani project, as it effected all the provinces of Pakistan and the route moved through all the provinces of Pakistan. But all this was changed when the powerful Punjab politicians derailed the entire project.
Just to benefit the politicians of Punjab, a new route was drawn that passed through the crowded Lahore and Islamabad regions. The original route followed the western side of the rivers of Pakistan. This was because the original survey had revealed that the Eastern side of the rivers in Pakistan is susceptible to yearly flooding.
Now the powerful but selfish politicians of Punjab changed the route so that it passes mostly on the Eastern side of river flow in Pakistan, which not only diverts heavy traffic through congested regions of Pakistan, while also endangering the CPEC route to yearly flooding. And to make matters worse, the ruling Government has also stopped all discussions on the CPEC route by not revealing any details and plans of the project, making it costly to divert funds to the original route after a few years of ill planned work on the Eastern Route. Similarly if the oil pipelines are constructed on the Eastern Route, they will be damaged in flooding, causing major environmental and financial catastrophes.
Peshawar, December 5.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt