ISLAMABAD -  Incumbent Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is known for his ‘speed’ while implementing development projects but the city managers have also proved themselves to be aligned with him by successfully starting two metro bus lines in just two months. Prime Minister had directed the Capital Development Authority to immediately start new metro bus lines to provide ease to the citizens of Islamabad on the day he inaugurated the much delayed Orange Line Metro Bus Service running between Peshawar Morr to the New International Airport. In the beginning, it seemed quite difficult to start two new metro routes in a very short span of time but the city administration led by the Chairman CDA and the Chief Commissioner Islamabad Amir Ali Ahmed took the task as a challenge. Officers concerned informed that all available sources have been mobilised and two metro bus lines have been started in just two months in order to provide relief to the commuters. They informed that Mr. Ahmed had played a vital role in the early completion of the project as he remained personally involved in the whole process and repeatedly visited the project sites and pushed the concerned formations to complete the project in a given timeline. The bus lines inaugurated by the Prime Minister include Green Line and the Blue Line metro bus services. The 20 kilometre long blue line will cater about 20,000 commuters daily from Koral Interchange to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) while the 15km long Green Line would facilitate about 13,000 passengers daily from Bhara Kahu to PIMS.

Prime Minister had directed the CDA to immediately start new metro bus lines to provide ease to the citizens

The green line and blue line bus service is an immediate relief given to the citizens as the buses will run on existing roads but in the meantime, the federal government has also earmarked funds for two proper metro bus services with dedicated lines on the same routes. At present, the buses on blue line and green line would run directly from the starting point to the end point but several bus stations are under construction at full pace at different locations, which would be completed by 14th August. According to the details, eight bus stations would be constructed on the route of Green Line Metro Bus Service while 13 bus stations would be built on the Blue Line Metro Bus Service. After the completion of these bus stations, the buses will stop at every station to take the passengers. Now the entire city has been integrated with the metro bus system as both new lines have been connected with the existing Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service. The inauguration of these two bus services has secured huge political mileage for Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz as it will use the projects as their performance in upcoming elections.