TDAP hosts seminar on Potential of Value Addition in Minerals of Balochistan at QCCI

KARACHI   -   The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) recently hosted a successful seminar on the “Potential of Value Addition in Minerals of Balochistan” at the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industries (QCCI). The seminar aimed to create awareness about the untapped potential of value addition in Balochistan’s abundant mineral resources. Mr Agha Gul, Vice President of the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emphasised the significant socio-economic impact these resources could have on the region in his welcome address Mr Fateh Shah, Secretary of the All Pakistan Mines and Minerals Association, addressed the challenges faced by local miners and stressed the economic benefits of investing in modern mining equipment and processing facilities. He highlighted how such investments could enhance export quality, create employment opportunities, and boost local incomes Mr Zain-ul-Abideen, GSP Officer at TDAP Quetta, provided insights into export marketing strategies for major minerals of the province. He discussed market segmentation and strategic advantages, underscoring the long-term benefits of improved marketing efforts in terms of increased market access and higher export revenues for Balochistan. During the event, representative of the Mines and Minerals Development Department, GoB, addressed questions from attendees regarding the department’s initiatives for sector development. In his closing remarks, Mr Ahad Agha, Vice President of the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, reiterated TDAP’s commitment to supporting export promotion activities. He emphasised that while initial investments in modern mining techniques and export strategies are significant, the long-term benefits such as increased exports, higher revenues, and improved socio-economic conditions outweigh the costs.

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