Stem deforestation in Sindh

Plunder of Sindhs forests continues. The Forest and Irrigation department officials and officers and local policemen are reported to be in the vanguard to plunder the forest wealth of the province. Shockingly, the degradation of forests is not confined to any particular region, but it is happening everywhere in the province. As Sindh continues to lose its forest cover so Sindh roasts in heat. Declining productivity of forests and the lull in forestry activities gradually destroys livelihoods of millions of economically deprived families living in forest areas and in many cases starving, impoverished people are forced into aiding the very forces that are destroying forests for commercial profits. In this backdrop, the President and Prime Minister are appealed to direct the authorities concerned to take strong action against the said culprits and devise a strategy for sustainable afforestation in the province. Otherwise, the province has to keep on roasting in the scorching heat and facing crippling shortage of fodder for livestock. - HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, June 5.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt