Rawalpindi-Almost all petrol pumps in the city on Tuesday had been closed in connection with the possible increase in the petroleum products’ prices by the government.

Surprisingly, the government-owned petrol pumps also stopped sale of petrol. There was unconfirmed information that the government is going to increase petroleum prices by at least Rs 25 per litre.  All government departments remained unmoved during the situation in the city. Resultantly, most of the petrol pump owners closed the fuel stations in order to earn profit. Traffic jams occurred on all the major roads across the city and long queues were seen at petrol stations as vehicles and motorcycles owners rushed to refuel ahead of the surge in prices of petroleum products. Worst traffic jams were witnessed on Murree Road, Faizabad, Shamasabad, Double Road, IJP Road, Liaquat Bagh, Tipu Road, Airport Road, Rawal Road, Katcheri and on GT Road. The vehicle owners also uploaded videos of long traffic queues on social media while denouncing the possible increase in prices of oil.

Petroleum dealers reportedly stopped provision of petrol to fuels stations as well. Talking to The Nation, a vehicle owner said the government was adamant to double the miseries of general public by increasing prices of petrol thrice in a month. He said hike in oil prices triggered inflation that made the life of poor people hell. Another citizen namely Ashiq Khan said that pump owners are involved in illegal activity by shutting down fuel stations hours before announcement of surge in oil prices by the government. He said he was taking his ailing mother to hospital for medical check-up when he got stuck in long queue outside a fuel station on Murree Road to refill fuel tank. He said gigantic traffic jam made it impossible for him to move even for an inch. “I had to call my younger brother to come on motorcycle to take our mother to hospital,” he said. Many other citizens denounced the move of fuel station owners and the criminal silence on part of district government. They said the deputy commissioner should take action against the owners of petrol pumps involved in profiting.