The Iran Nuclear deal was considered to be a landmark achievement by global actors until 2018, when ex-President Donald Trump withdrew the US from the deal and reinstated sanctions with the objective of putting maximum pressure on the Iranian economy. In response, Iran revived the nuclear programme by ramping up nuclear enrichment beyond the agreed upon cap of 3.65 percent. The Biden administration, along with key European actors, has made efforts to salvage the deal but no significant breakthrough has been achieved.

The matter as it stands today is edging on the verge of impatience as a resolution seeking censure has been drafted by the US, Britain, France and Germany while the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) holds meetings in Vienna to come to some sort of a solution. The main crux of the issue remains to be uncertainty regarding traces of enriched uranium found at three sites that were not declared by Iran to host nuclear activity. Iran responded to these claims by stating that they were shaped through reports created by its enemies. Within this back and forth, both sides remain defensive and unable to find any common ground. Sanctions keep worsening just as the attacks on US service members in Iraq and Syria become more frequent.

In the midst of this tussle, what remains forgotten is the stability that the deal will bring about in the region, along with tremendous benefits to the Middle East’s economies. Commerce and trade are more likely to flourish with a stable political environment not only for Iran, but Iraq as well. The deal could also create a favourable environment for a ceasefire, or pave the way for a solution, for the war in Yemen. Iran would have more time to focus on cutting back arm supplies to the region instead of fighting sanctions and the west. Iran could also benefit from restored diplomatic relations with the Saudi Kingdom which has already ‘stretched out’ its hands—as per the Finance Minister—provided that some kind of progress is achieved in regards to the nuclear deal. The renewed deal would also reduce tensions between Iran and Israel as well.

Great potential for progress in the region may lie on the back of this one deal. Given its importance, it is vital that both sides remain patient and willing to cooperate because the trade-off would be an escalatory spiral downwards.