PTI chief stands exposed for treachery, enmity towards Pakistan: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD   -   Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Au­rangzeb on Wednesday said Paki­stan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief now stood exposed for his “treach­ery and enmity towards Pakistan as he has been persistently pursuing anti-state agen­da at the behest of his foreign masters”. 

“He is least concerned about the national inter­ests, particularly the sensitivity of defence and eco­nomic issues,” she said while addressing a news conference. The minister said the PTI chief was begging the United States to ban military aid to Pa­kistan, which manifested his anti-state mindset.

She said he was not pursuing a political agenda rather he was “toeing the line of his foreign mas­ters who wanted to see Pakistan as a failed state”. He was hatching conspiracies against the coun­try under a well-planned strategy by brainwash­ing the youth with the help artificial intelligence using foreign funds. 

Once the brainwashing of youth was complet­ed, she said, his facilitators resorted to accom­plish his anti-state missions by executing the conspiracies and the May 9 tragedy was a case study in that regard. The entire nation witnessed as how his facilitators had deputed the workers at sensitive installations to set them on fire just for accomplishing his mission, she added. Now, she said, he was fully exposed before the mass­es and that was why his nefarious designs could not work at all.

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