Leveraging China's tech to help boost Pakistan’s agriculture

As Pakistan seeks to boost its agricultural productivity to ensure food security, leveraging China's technological advancements can help the country revolutionize its agricultural sector.

Ahmed Bilal, Senior Scientific Officer (SSO) at the National Agricultural Research Council (NARC), said this while talking to WealthPK.

“China's scientific and technological advancements and innovations would play a key role in revolutionizing Pakistan's agriculture sector, enhancing productivity and food security.

“China, known for its rapid technological progress in agriculture, has successfully implemented advanced methods such as precision farming, drone technology, and smart irrigation systems, which have not only increased crop yields but also optimized resource utilization, making agriculture more resilient to climate change,” he said.

“Water scarcity is a pressing issue in Pakistan, and smart irrigation is a game-changer for our water management. It not only conserves water but also enhances crop productivity, making agriculture more sustainable.

“Therefore, China’s smart irrigation systems offer a solution. These systems use sensors and automation to deliver the right amount of water to crops at the right time, minimizing waste and conserving water resources. By adopting smart irrigation, Pakistani farmers can ensure that their crops receive adequate hydration while reducing water usage,” the NARC scientist said.

He said, “Under the CPEC, Pakistan and China should further enhance cooperation in developing advanced line seed varieties and agricultural techniques such as aquaponics, hydroponics, and tunnel farming."

He said modern agricultural concepts were assisting Pakistani farmers in enhancing crop production and lessening the strain on soil and the environment caused by harmful practices.

China’s journey towards modernizing its agriculture and achievements in food security provide valuable experience for Pakistan, as it seeks to revitalize its agricultural sector. The collaborative efforts between China and Pakistan, especially through initiatives such as the CPEC, have led to progress in farming techniques and infrastructure, which are essential for Pakistan’s agricultural economy.
To facilitate the transfer of technologies, there is a need for further bilateral collaborations. Joint research initiatives, training programs, and technology exchange forums can pave the way for seamless integration of Chinese advancements into Pakistan's agriculture sector.

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