Ogra holds seminar on ‘Navigating the Future of LNG in Pakistan’

ISLAMABAD   -   The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) successfully hosted an insightful seminar titled “Navigating the Future of LNG in Pakistan,” bringing together key stakeholders, policymakers, and industry leaders from the LNG sector. The seminar aimed at knowledge sharing and unlocking the potential of LNG in Pakistan, especially in the context of depleting indigenous natural gas reserves. The historical significance of natural gas in Pakistan’s energy mix and the benefits of LNG as a cleaner alternative with a lower carbon footprint, reducing SOx and NOx, were central themes. Chairman of OGRA, Masroor Khan welcomed all guests, particularly those from the industry. He assured attendees of OGRA’s robust regulatory framework designed to support the LNG industry while respecting individual rights and protecting consumers.

Member (Oil), Zain-ul-Abideen Qureshi, in his opening address, underscored the vast opportunities for new LNG project developers and highlighted the critical role of existing terminal operators in enhancing Pakistan’s energy infrastructure. He reaffirmed OGRA’s commitment to fostering a supportive regulatory environment to attract investment and drive innovation in the LNG sector. Presentations during the seminar covered a wide range of crucial topics. These included the development of new Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRUs), expansion plans for existing terminals, and the strategic importance of LNG in ensuring Pakistan’s energy security and economic growth. Speakers delved into policy frameworks, regulatory incentives, and technological advancements essential for strengthening LNG infrastructure.

Participants lauded the seminar as a valuable platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. The discussions highlighted the importance of public-private partnerships in achieving the ambitious goals set for Pakistan’s LNG sector. The successful seminar concluded with a collective commitment from all stakeholders to work towards a sustainable and prosperous future for LNG in Pakistan. OGRA reaffirmed its dedication to supporting the industry’s growth, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy supply for the nation.

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