It was not pleasant to watch some of the odd video clips on tv channels and social media showing cross firing and heated arguments among men and women which looked to be insulting for both sides equally. It showed lack of patience and attempts to get cheap publicity from both sides.

It is unfortunate to note that both sides do not have plausible arguments and I noticed a predominant element of disrespect rather than a sense of respect.

Let me clear this fact; no religion in this world allows men or women to disrespect each other. God created both man and woman as his best creation and made us the ‘Asharf ul Muklookaat’. Do we ever wonder why? It is because God gave us the sense to differentiate between good and bad.

He has also given us the sense to feel whether you are being loved or hated? We are very sensitive to hate or disrespect, because it hurts our sense of self-respect and hence, we react and the reaction determines the level of disrespect. Please think deeply and see even the sense to feel respect and disrespect is created by Allah as part of a consistent feature to keep our sense of pride intact. In fact, it is the sense of respect which makes you look different.

This sense of respect is not restricted to males only but females also inherit the same sense and both are blessed with sense to achieve it.

Respect makes the real difference between wife and husband, father and son, mother and daughter, hence the “sense of respect” is the main bond which keep these important relationships tied together. Even among the worldly relations, the bond between an employer and employee, a male and female or even between a teacher and a student, all are largely dependent on sense and level of respect.

World history is a witness to the fact that females are always treated as inferior which was unfair but modern history is treating the woman of today differently.

Having said so let us confess that while women are physically weaker as compared to men, but does it mean that men are now entitled to treat them badly or take their rights and force their wishes on them? No, not at all. Women are justified in demanding an end to the discrimination.

Let me raise a point here that women might be physically weaker than men but mentally and emotionally, they are much stronger than men that’s why they are known as the architects of our society – hence the adage “heaven is under the feet of a mother”.

Let us throw some light on the rights of women which Islam have given to them. A woman has a right to take “Khulla” if she decides to not live with her man and this is the power which no one can take away from her - not even the court/Qazi. Why? Because this veto power has been given to her by her Allah to feel protected.

If my Allah protects women then who is man to defy what Allah has decided, that we show love, affection and care for women.

Disrespecting a woman is not an option in any religion hence always respecting woman is the only option. In my personal view, women should not be humiliated or insulted on media or otherwise. She is your mother, she is your sister and she is your daughter and therefore she deserves your love and respect keeping the relevancies of your relationship accordingly.

It is none of anyone’s business if a woman in divorced and decides to remarry as it is no crime because our religion itself has permitted them to do so. That is the power given to both men and women to terminate the relationship if the sense of respect is missing.

In light of the above facts, if you think whether a woman should march for her rights or not, I ask why not? I say that let our women march for their respect and their honour -let them demand for their empowerment and equal rights in governance. Let them ask for stringent laws to save them from rape and domestic violence. Let them march to save the Zainabs of my country. I stand with you all.

In the end I have a piece of advice that abusing woman or man to be treated as crime and should be punishable for one year and life time ban on appearance on electronic media.

I think we need to have such strict actions to reform our society and to create sense of respect for each other.

Let us not be un-Islamic in our approaches towards life and let us be enlightened by following the will of God.

All my dear women elite please march for your rights and i standby you in my humble capacity. Good luck to you for this noble cause!

Note: Opinions expressed are solely my own and not necessarily to reflect the views or opinions of my party.