Nature has gifted us a beautiful world which has soil, oceans, air, rives, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, forest, deserts and many other blessings. But unfortunately we are destroying the nature around us with our hands. Overpopulation, deadly wars, cutting of forests, polluting rivers and oceans all these has changed the climate of the world. Environmental change and global warming are among the top and largest problems of this age. Due to global warming and extreme weathers the number of natural disasters has increased from last few decades and took million of lives. This is an alarming situation. Though we are celebrating an Earth Day on every 22 April to create a sense in people about the this concept but I think one day isn,t enough for this huge task. We have to take extra care of our planet everyday and every time. People all around the globe should take necessary measures in this aspect.


Islamabad, April 21.