There is a debate about who the best player in the world is. It’s a constant war between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But the performance on Wednesday night against the European giants Bayern Munich was a class apart. Words can’t elucidate what Messi did that night. The first goal was more of a striker’s instinct where Alves fed the ball to Messi and he beat Manuel Neuer at the near post, which happens very seldom.

However, the second goal was something magical. It was an act of absolute flair and unworldly brilliance. After the first goal the Camp Nou crowd started roaring Messi’s name and the 90,000 or so people were on their feet bowing to their little master who is the core of this Barcelona side. Messi approached Jerome Boateng dribbling towards the left, shaping to go inside but actually glided to the right leaving Boateng on the floor like a rookie defender. The cherry on top was the chip over Manual Neuer’s head with Rafinha, Neuer and Boateng all lying down on their backs in their own penalty area, as the ball slowly and gently floated into the back of the net.

That night defined who was actually whose boss as Messi preferred to do his talking on the pitch rather than flaring up the contest with mere remarks. His stature is commendable and I feel that won’t see another Messi. The king of Camp Nou had put the Bayern defence to sleep with a moment of eerie perfection.

We will not see such an efficient machine who scores goals for fun; who has proved his worth in every competition and at every level irrespective of people’s perception that La Liga is not physical. Usually Messi’s detractors claim that he should join an English Premier League team and prove his worth, since it’s more physical and the tempo is faster with tougher tackling and harsher refereeing.

Why should a footballer go to another team when he has the chance to win the UEFA Champions League every year, let alone the league and Copa Del Rey? Messi has given the critics his answer by showing his class against English giants such as Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal. Hence this debate should end and we should cherish him as long as he’s here, because we won’t see anyone like him ever again.