AJMER: Every criminal leaves a trace. So did Ahmedabad-based meat trader Salim Qureshi, 35, when he allegedly killed his wife at a hotel in Ajmer, some three years ago.

In March 2012, Qureshi came to Ajmer along with his wife Shahista and stayed at a guesthouse near Dargah Sharif. He took his wife to the dargah where both paid obeisance.

After dinner, the two went to the room. As per police investigation, Qureshi strangulated his wife to death and left the room silently. He committed the crime to get rid of his wife to marry another woman, which he did, after returning to Ahmedabad.

The investigating officer managed to identify the culprit (Qureshi) thanks to the label of the Ahmedabad tailor on the shirt, left in the room.

"The tag on the shirt had the name and address of the tailor and we followed it to identify the culprit," said Bhupendra Singh, SHO dargah police station, who was the investigating officer in the case.

Ajmer police brought Qureshi to Ajmer from Ahmedabad and produced him in the sessions court on Thursday. The court sent him to police remand for five days.

Singh said that initially police registered a blind murder case as there was no evidence to nail anybody. "During investigation it was found that the identification documents which were submitted by the couple at the time of check-in at the hotel were fake. Post mortem examination confirmed death due to strangulation and the husband had gone missing since the incident," said the IO.

The police officer said that the room was sealed after the recovery of the body. "We recovered the shirt from the bathroom, which helped us reach the criminal," said the official. As per case diary, the couple came to Ajmer on March 2, 2012 and checked in at the Nizam guest house in dargah area. The couple went to the dargah and offered prayers and dined in the dargah bazaar. The next day, the guest house staff found the body of a woman in the room while the man was missing.

The lead went to Ahmedabad and later police identified Salim Qureshi. "The tailor identified Qureshi and we also found that his first wife had died in March 2012 but there was no proof of her death or last rites. Salim, after a month, married another woman and was living happily," said the police officer. When police interrogated, Qureshi confessed that he fell in love with another woman and wanted to get rid of his first wife.

Courtesy Times of India