A study by doctor Maria Montessori shows that an human brain is at its absorbent stage from 0-3 years old. Whatever a child sees in that period, he grasps it and he automatically starts on that track. Cartoons were made because they are always light hearted and humorous, when colours were introduced, they became more vibrant and hence were a good source of entertainment and they were educational as well. But unfortunately now a days all cartoons show is a lot of violence. All the characters are usually super heroes that are fighting some mysterious creature with laser guns and God knows what unrealistic technological devices. The concept of aliens attacking our world is known to every single child of the coming generation because of certain cartoons. In fact, being a Montessori teacher I strictly told my students to stop watching Tom and Jerry because if we notice, it is also a destructive cartoon. When we were little, our fascination was an hour of educational cartoons and going out to play creatively. Children made their own games, their minds were creative and open. Now a days, we can see that children are nothing but TV magnets, they have no activities. they repeat the cartoon dialogues, even if they are inappropriate. they want to fight and shoot and be violent because they think its alright. Though glad that I was born in a time where cartoons were fun and educational, I feel bad for the children of today. If technology is taking over and children much rather prefer watching cartoons all days, at least they should be productive.


Karachi, April 21.