Banana capital

What a coincidence — when Nawaz Sharif was scheduled to arrive in Washington to attend the fourth and final Nuclear Security Summit, he was chairing meetings in Islamabad on proposals to break the Islamabad’ siege. Whether you call it compromise or complicity in crime — a violent mob was permitted to enter the capital and lay siege around the most sensitive part of the Red Zone. Mob gave full opportunity to the outside world to finger point the gaps in our nation’ security protocol. And what we ended in showing the world — we negotiate with goons whose profanity-laced speeches and slogans can’t be watched even on social media. 

May I dare to ask few questions — why Mumtaz Qadri (MQ) was allowed to be buried in the proximity of Islamabad; his burial place has become a permanent security threat for the capital; why the warning issued by intelligence agencies on possible entry of mob in Islamabad on MQ Chelum were ignored? 

Religious leaders say it was just a trailer, full picture yet to come. That’s why the Nuclear Security Summit may not be final one; more to come, thanks to our compromises on security issues. 


Saudi Arab, April 1. 

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt