Karachi - Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani on Saturday said that youth had to increase their technical abilities along with getting education for the bright future.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) is taking measures for betterment of youth including establishment of CSS corners, street libraries and uplift of libraries. We have to promote education and reading culture, the administrator passed these remarks while addressing a ceremony for handing over of 1,000 books to a street library at Metropolis.

Director General (DG) Parks Taha Saleem, Council of Libraries’ Sultan Khalil and other concerned officials were also present on the occasion.

The administrator remarked that education united the people to their civilisation and increased their awareness. He said that Karachi was known all over the world for its civilisation, tradition and Adab.

Shallwani said that youth of Karachi was very talented all they needed is guidance so that they could bring betterment in their lives. He said that there was dire need to uplift libraries of schools, colleges and universities to promote education and reading culture amongst youth.

He said that street libraries were being established at Lyari and Nazimabad as well as CSS corners were also established. He was of the view that decrease in reading culture was reported after arrival of social media, adding that social media could never be alternate of books.

The administrator said that the Holy Quran was also a book, having guidelines for humans to live a successful live. Shallwani himself set the books at shelves in the library.