BEIJING - An air cargo service route has been launched linking northwest China’s Lanzhou, Phnom Penh of Cambodia, and Lahore in Pakistan. The first such flight carried 18 tonnes of dried mango to Lanzhou on Oct. 30. It left Lanzhou on the same day for Lahore carrying Chinese household products, according to the International Land Port of Gansu (Lanzhou). There are two to four flights a week for the route, according to the state media. Flights from Phnom Penh to Lanzhou will carry goods such as nuts and fresh and frozen seafood to Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province. After the unloading, the cargo plane will be reloaded with Chinese household products and agricultural products and then take off for Pakistan, according to the land port. The new air-cargo service will help Gansu further tap into the southeast and south Asian markets and facilitate trade and exchanges among them, said Yang Shipeng with the International Land Port of Gansu (Lanzhou). Gansu has been improving infrastructure and clearance efficiency to boost foreign trade in recent years.