Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has slammed the opposition’s totis viribus tirade against the state institutions adding that they were insulting the mandate of the people.

Those who were spewing poison against the institutions are the enemies of the country and the nation.

Following the treacherous narrative of the anti-Pakistan agenda reflects the mental ignorance of some so-called leaders. Those who were damaging national interests cannot be called leaders. The people were fully aware of who was wrong and who was right.

The opposition was pursuing an agenda to destabilize the country.

Opposition parties should regain their senses. He said that an unnatural and eldritch alliance of 11 parties had no value in front of a prescient leader like Imran Khan.

He further maintained that the eldritch alliance of opposition was hatching conspiring to stop Pakistan from sustainable development.

He said that those who were raising the slogan ‘give respect the vote’ had themselves destroyed its sanctity in their tenures.

The opposition had only one agenda to save their wealth accumulated through looting and plundering. Opposition parties had completely ignored the national interests.

Usman Buzdar declared that the alliance of the disruptive elements was withering away due to its unbecoming approach. Corrupt gangs will not escape from accountability and they will have to be answerable for their embezzlements, lootings and plundering.

He said that Pakistan will move forward only when these corrupt elements were held accountable without any discrimination.

He said that there was no room for the specific agenda of the corrupt elements in the new Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had given conscience to the common man to live respectfully and with honour.

PML-N and PPP usurped the rights of the common man and chanted hollow slogans in their tenures.

The opposition had always tried to point political scores to mislead the people.

He said that the gang of the cabal had been assembled under the umbrella of the opposition alliance but the nation will never be fooled by such a gang of looters.

Decisions had been taken under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, in the interest of the country and the nation, he concluded.