HYDERABAD - The district administration Hyderabad on Saturday set up a one-day bachat bazaar in Tando Jam to provide relief to the people affected by the food price inflation.  Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of bachat bazar, Deputy Commissioner (DC), Fuad Ghaffar Soomro said the bazaar was set up in view of the prevailing inflation and to provide relief to people.  He added that similar bazaars would also be set up in three other talukas in Hyderabad district. He said quality food items, vegetables and fruits were made available at the bazaar.   The Assistant Commissioner (AC) Hyderabad Rural taluka, Qandeel Memon said the bazaar would be set up every fortnight and twice a month. She said the administration would ensure provision of the food items to the people at a cheaper rate as compared to the market price.  Sugar was priced at Rs78 per kilogram, oil Rs200, flour from Rs43 to Rs48, rice from Rs56 to Rs140, different pulses from Rs134 to Rs210, tomatoes Rs135, onion Rs70, potatoes Rs50, golden apple Rs120, banana Rs55 and grapes Rs190, among other items.